Saturday, 10 October 2015

Serious fraud against 'Over 21 SA' and our clients.

Recently O21SA discovered, our one and only Client Sales Manager at the time 'Hayley', was commiting serious fraud against 'Over 21 SA' and our clients. We apologize profusely to any of our clients who were ripped off by her, she no longer works for the company and her criminal behaviour was discovered early on, which is the good part of the story.

We now have extra safety checks in place to prevent this from happening to O21SA as well as our clients in the future.

Basically Hayley was charging and attempting to charge clients R350.00, in some cases R450.00 per month for hosting with O21SA.

We only charge R150.00 per month for independent clients, which is good honest value and why many of our clients host with us.

What Hayley did was overcharge the clients and keep the stolen funds for herself.

She betrayed us and our clients and we now have 3 x new better, honest and professional Client Sales Managers to replace her, we are currently notifying all her old clients about this malicous criminal fraud commited by Hayley.

We will compensate all our clients affected by this fraud.

Best Regards - O21SA

Thursday, 8 October 2015

O21SA Employs 2 x New Professional Client Sales Managers.

We have now finally found 2 x professional 'Client Sales Managers' in SA.

After a long search and much difficulty finding suitable staff members, we have have now taken onboard new staff to represent Over 21 in SA professionally across almost all 9 provinces.

We still have to find a new 'Client Sales Manager' for the Western Cape region.

The Sales Managers are all South African citizens and are located in various locations in SA, check below for details.

Contact the Sales Manager in your area, if you would like to add your profile to O21SA.

Best Regards - O21SA

O21SA - Client Sales Managers

* Lourence - Gauteng, Free State, North West, Limpopo
Tel: 081 435 1932

* Barry - (KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape)
Tel: 081 495 1836

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Phase 2 Site is due for release on 01 May 2015.

The Phase 2 Site under development and is due for release on 01 May 2015.

The Over 21 sites already have in progress a Phase 2 version of all our sites, which is based on the Bootstrap v3.3.

This will make our current site responsive, in other words Punters can view escort profiles on their
smartphones or tablets and the profile layout should automatically adjust to fit screen size.

This makes viewing profiles on the go very nice and easy, we the only Adult Directory in SA to support these useful features.

We will still only still support SA + UK market at the moment, until our Phase 3 is ready due for release on 01 December 2015.